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Introduction / Meet the Team

Introduction / Meet the Team

Posted by Nicolaus E. Wolfrum on Nov 29th 2020


Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc. (JAMSI) was opened in January 1983 by Jimmie Wolfrum. Since that time, the shop has provided complete engine machining services to it's customer base. In addition to the engine machining services provided, JAMSI maintains an online presence as an automotive parts supplier and automotive content creator on various social media channels. The goal of this blog will be to explore the concepts and processes related to automotive and light industrial diesel internal combustion engines. 

Meet the Team

Jimmie L. Wolfrum, President

Jimmie Wolfrum was born and raised in the Greeley area. Jimmie graduated from Colorado State University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology. During college, he worked for the late Larry Petersen at Greeley Auto-Air and Machine. He decided to take this experience and build something for himself, opening Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc. in January 1983. 

Jimmie brings years knowledge and expertise in automotive machining and engine remanufacturing to the table. He is passing this knowledge on to his son, Nicolaus Wolfrum.

Nicolaus E. Wolfrum, Partner, Machinist, eCommerce Manager

After growing up in and around the machine shop, Nicolaus decided to pursue a career as an engineer. He graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in computer science. During his time in college, Nicolaus also began developing the e-commerce division of JAMSI. This quickly grew into a great success, opening the business to a whole new global market of customers. After graduating from CU, Nicolaus made the decision to come back and work with his dad with the plan of continuing to expand the business to new markets. 

Nicolaus currently shares all of the responsibilities of the machine shop with his dad and is quickly learning everything he can about automotive machining. In addition, he continues working to build the eCommerce division of JAMSI while creating automotive machining content for all of the JAMSI social media channels. He enjoys any opportunity he gets to apply his engineering education to the art of automotive engine machining, engine remanufacturing, and engine building.

Alisha M. Mikesell, eCommerce Associate

Alisha is the daughter of Jimmie and sister of Nicolaus. She was brought on to the team in Summer 2020 to aid in the administrative work of the business. Alisha graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2014 and a Master of Arts degree in Educational Psychology in 2015. She previously held a position of Institutional Assessment Coordinator at Aims Community College. 

Alisha currently handles all responsibilities of the e-commerce side of the business including fulfilling online orders and maintaining inventory and pricing. In addition, Alisha is responsible for the daily accounting and additional errands as needed.